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Unfortunately, Juliette is in a stage where she will only sleep in her crib, and not for lack of trying either.  I’ve driven home in the middle of the night on two camping trips and on our last journey to the lake she wouldn’t go to bed until the sun came up. So…We left the kids home, and enjoyed some much needed adult time at Lake Powell last week. 
I remember being a child and thinking to myself, “why would grownups want to go on a vacation without any kids?!! How Boring!”. hehehe.  It definitely wasn’t boring, but there were moments of down time. The downtime you don’t enjoy until you’ve grown up. 
 I took a kayak out into the lake and waited until no one was around, stopped rowing and admired the breathtaking scenery.  I couldn’t help but thank God under my breath for this picture of perfection.  There have been times in my life when I have questioned his very existence, and undoubtedly I have a similar experience and realize there is no way this could all be a coincidence. It’s just too beautiful.