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Sundays are our best chance at some real downtime with all the household. Following church we hit up the neighborhood playground as it was a warm 45 levels (yes, you read that right). Together with the winter we’ve had here, anything above 40 sounds delightful. I wish we had more time to be, to simply sit and enjoy each other. Alfie and Juju are increasing before my eyes and I am always trying to shoot as many pictures as possible to recall how perfect and beautiful they are right now. Every baby I visit gets my heart flutter thinking that I get to have another and love them in the start again. 

We played in the playground and I pushed Alfie around the swing”but maybe not overly high” and Juliette bossed me and allow me to return a little twisty slide many occasions I felt ill, and I loved each and every minute. We stopped to pick up a few pallets to create a bed for Juju, then to top off a great afternoon. A project I have had pinned for a calendar year, but that baby is arriving I have finally got the inspiration. I am sure it has nothing to do with watching too many episodes of West End Salvage on HGTV while I am up at night not able to sleep. Have you seen that show?

Either way, I am glad I have finally got my own to do list back to play. 

The cloths used to make Juliette’s Dress, Moda’s Sophie lineup: