Pattern Review: Lollipop Bag by Atkinson Design

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I loved making this bag for a few reason:
1. The directions were very clear and easy to follow.
2. She used techniques I’ve never seen before, and I’m always happy when a pattern teaches me something new.
3. It took very little fabric and even less time to make it.  
You can see I left the flower off my bag, but that was just personal preference (though, I think a ribbon work flower from my Stitched Workshop would suit it beautifully).  I did however, read through her instructions for making the rosettes and they were fantastic. She used a method I’ve not seen before, so I’ll definitely try it soon. 
I love the fact that this pattern only uses 2 fat quarters of fabric.  Dare I say? You could probably make two small bags with the fabric required for one.  Not to mention the pattern itself is only $5.50. The finished bag is great for holding makeup, jewelry, and of course, Lollipops.  After seeing how simple it was to make I may just whip up a few more as Christmas gifts.
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