Mini Boden Pear Shirt Knockoff

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Today I’ve got another “I could make that” project to share.  Read on to learn how to make your own Mini Boden look alike. 

You will need:
paper or freezer paper
a new or repurposed blank T-shirt
as few or as many colors of felt as you’d like
embroidery floss
scrap of fusible interfacing
basic sewing essentials
Draw or trace a pear shape onto freezer paper (or regular paper) to create a pattern piece.  Cut as many pears are you like out of felt using your pattern piece.  **If you use freezer paper you can iron it directly onto the felt. It will stick and make cutting easier.
(See my tutorial for Freezer Paper Patterns)

Place the pears wear you’d like them on the shirt, then cut a piece of interfacing big enough to cover them. Flip shirt inside out and iron interfacing to wrong side of where you’ll be placing your pears.

Pin the pears where you’d like them and use a fabric pencil to draw a stem and leaf on each fruit.  
Use an embroidery needle and embroidery floss (only 3 threads of the strand) to sew a running stitch up the center of each pear and continue along embroidering the stem and the leaf.
I only now realized I forgot to embroider seeds onto them. Perhaps I’ll go back and do that, or maybe not 😉

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